Dingli JCPT2212 DC 22.0m Electric Scissor Lift

The maximum working height is 22m, the heavy load at full height is 600kg, the whole machine adopts pure electric drive, has 4WS&4WD ability, turning radius is 0.5m/2.5m, can be crab-steering.In addition, the JCPT2212DC is equipped with a 4.3m×1.19m working platform and a 1.8m long extended platform, with a wider operating range.

Different from the 22m JCPT2223DC, JCPT2212DC width is only 1.25m, with excellent passability, can easily go through the narrow doorframes, channels, etc. In view of pure electric drive, JCPT2212DC has no pollution, zero emission, energy saving and environmental protection, suitable for indoor and outdoor working environment with high environmental requirements.

Dingli JCPT2212 DC 22.0m Electric Scissor Lift
Dingli JCPT2212 DC 22.0m Electric Scissor Lift

Working Height

22 m

Max. Platform Height

20 m

Safe Working Load

600 kgs

Stowed Height

3.82 m

Length x Width

4.30 x 1.19 m


12350 kgs



Deck Extension

1.80 m

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